Connectivity is an essential component of Africa’s development, with internet access vital to a wide range of industries, from finance to education, mining, agriculture etc.

Apart from its indispensable role in the industry, reliable internet can be used by governments to provide better services to citizens, and it can improve the quality of people’s lives.

At present Africa’s existing telecommunications infrastructure is for the most part slow, unreliable and geographically limited. This geographic limitation is primarily driven by the high cost of terrestrial infrastructure and maintenance. As such the number and density of people in remote communities do not justify the large capital investment.

At the current trajectory, a large percentage of the African populace would likely never benefit from high-speed internet access.

The founding vision of MzansiSat is a continent where every person, regardless of where they are, has equal access to high-speed internet, unhindered by phone-line availability wireless hotspots, or any other ground-based facilities.

Satellite internet can overcome these challenges, as it has low upfront and running costs and extremely high reliability, giving independence from existing infrastructure.

Our mission is to launch an African owned geo-stationary broadband satellite to provide cost-effective, fast and reliable internet for the Southern Africa.



To become a globally leading provider of defense and security electronics, our South African sites are crucial, as they are HENSOLDT’s biggest international industrial footprint at the moment. As of now, we operate across three sites in South Africa – GEW Technologies in Pretoria and Cape Town and Optronics Pty in Irene.

To further our business and increase the collaboration between our South African sites, we united the two entities GEW Technology and HENSOLDT Optronics Pty under the HENSOLDT brand to from HENSOLDT South Africa.

In 2019 we launched the new brand HENSOLDT South Africa.

HENSOLDT South Africa unites our two South African entities GEW Technologies and Optronics (Pty) Ltd. under one brand. Consolidating GEW and Optronics under the HENSOLDT brand is an important strategic step towards future growth of our South African business. It gives us the opportunity to leverage the power of the HENSOLDT brand and our global footprint to open new market opportunities for our South African business.

This is only a first step towards our HENSOLDT South Africa Growth Strategy and the creation of a South African sensor solution house. We are committed to further investing in the growth of our South African footprint.  Our experience in the country shows that international investment and cooperation added to local infrastructure, skills and capacity is the perfect mix for business success and local economy growth.

KES Imports

Kitchen Equipment Suppliers (KESI) is a specialised supplier of military grade catering equipment and food transportation solutions. KESI carries a multitude of specialise brands that serve any modern defence forces catering needs, be it Army, Navy or Air force. The wide range of solutions ensure that all the full spectrum of operational needs are met form catering and mess solutions on permanent bases, mobile deployment kitchens and field deployments.


The adage of an army Marches on its stomach is as true today as it was in the 19th century when Napoleon’s armies where marching through Europe and Russia. The only changes are that modern technologies now serve armies in a much more efficient manner with advent of refrigeration, shortened logistical chains, retort and UHT technologies.

Paradoxically this as created an increase in the expectation of the quality of foods that a modern soldier now expects. Gone are the days were 3 slices of dried bread and a cup of broth could sustain a combat soldier. This has greatly increased the morale of the modern army as well as their performance due to an increase in calorie intake.


Although the advent of retort rations have increased the convenience with which rations can be distributed to troops many studies have repeatedly show that soldiers prefer freshly cooked meals as opposed to packed rations. This is mainly due to the fact that only certain foods are suitable for retorting and that the full offering of fresh foods can be transported using KESI’s meal transport solutions.

The KESI solutions allows a modern soldier to receive a fully cooked meal that as prepared hours before and hundreds of kilometers away and still enjoy it as if it was prepared by the local mess facility.

Paramount Group

Paramount Group is a global aerospace and technology business with capabilities in land systems, aerospace, naval systems, advanced technologies, internal security and peacekeeping. Founded in South Africa in 1994, Paramount Group has manufactured and supplied armoured vehicles, aircraft, naval vessels, sensors, and other technologies to more than 30 countries across the globe. The company is doing business in Africa, the Middle East, Europe, the Americas, Central Asia and South East Asia. From its beginnings in the land systems environment, the company has expanded globally through a number of strategic acquisitions, joint ventures, global partnerships and various product innovations. For instance, the Group has partnerships with international giants such as Leidos, Bharat Forge, ST Engineering, Thales and, on the naval side, with DCNS and Navantia.


Paramount Group comprises more than ten business units that provide a global footprint – the company has a presence in various countries including South Africa, UAE, United Kingdom, USA, Cyprus, Kazakhstan and Greece. Its aircraft, vehicles and naval vessels are manufactured at various manufacturing sites around the world. Paramount Group has pioneered a portable manufacturing model which enables in-country manufacturing, the transfer of technology and skills, and the creation of job opportunities. Depending on the requirements of the customer, this could also result in the development of a defence industrial complex, creating significant opportunities for economic growth. For example, this model has been successfully exported to Kazakhstan, which has established a large factory to build Paramount’s armoured vehicles, including the Mbombe and Marauder. The Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering joint venture currently produces the Marauder-based Arlan at its 15 000m 2 facility, which has the capacity to produce 120 armoured vehicles a year. One of Paramount Group’s core competencies is the ability to set up a wide range of funding structures, which allows customers to procure traditionally hard-to-finance packages. Its finance capability


incorporates a wide range of innovative funding structures compliant with IMF and World Bank requirements. In South Africa, Paramount has several major manufacturing sites for armoured vehicles, naval vessels and aircraft which are located in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town. Its state-of-the-art aerospace factory of 15 000m 2 at Wonderboom airport, Pretoria, is producing the AHRLAC and Mwari aircraft. In Cape Town the Group has several shipyards for the construction of naval and maritime vessels from nine metres to 120 metres.

Aerospace Maritime & Defence Association of South Africa (AMD)

AMD‘s primary objectives are the representation of the industry in matters of mutual interest, and the promotion of a profitable, sustainable and responsible industry. The association is acknowledged as the only trade association of South Africa’s defence industry (SADI) and is mandated by its members to promote and champion the collective interests of the industry. It comprises a cluster of leading companies in the South African private and public sector that supply defence materiel, products and services. AMD assists and provides guidance in harnessing the collective effort of the SADI, as these companies play a key role in the acquisition supply chain. This ensures that its broad client base is offered cost-effective and sustainable solutions that meet the most stringent technical requirements, comparing well with or even exceeding international standards. AMD’s member companies supply products and services to the Department of Defence (DOD), government organizations and other contractors, both locally and internationally, in the defence and security marketplace. As the SADI is one of the cornerstones of a stable and growing South African economy, AMD is responsible for ensuring that a world-class, indigenous defence industry capability is maintained in a sustainable manner. Providing high-tech solutions at competitive prices is a constant requirement to secure export orders, which in turn leads to local skills development, job creation and retention. This also assists the South African government in executing its foreign policy and agreed-upon international responsibilities in the region and on the African continent.